Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Things

Originally, I was planning to save these cute pictures to post later in the week, but my dear, sweet neighbor is moving out today and it just felt fitting to post them today. He has only been our neighbor for a full year (to the day), but I've realized during the past week of his move out process that he is one of the best neighbors that I've ever had.

Growing up we did have some good neighbors but this man has been such a wonderful and enriching part of our lives for the last year, in a way that I don't remember any neighbor ever being before. From the moment our neighbor moved in he has consistently shown his kindness and thoughtfulness in little ways, always remembering my love of all things little, and finding the time to set aside a small version of something for me, such as apples or avocados, anything he comes across.

I have enjoyed so much of the delicious foods that he buys and shares with us, such as dried cherries and figs, or his favorite chocolate cake and coconut macaroons. He loves juicing and shares the new flavor concoctions he makes because he knows they are tasty and good for us. So often, he says, "get a plate" "get a bowl" "hold out your hand; I have something to share with you" and he proceeds to share a portion of whatever he has, no matter if he only has very little of it in the first place.

His enthusiasm for our interests and our well-being really made an impression on me, and last night as we were sipping our farewell brandy with him(just one more example of how he loves sharing with others) I felt at a bit of a loss, knowing that I'd miss his generosity and thoughtfulness in our lives.

It was a very strange and funny parting gift, but it was all I had, two tiny deviled eggs. He loved them and thought they were tiny and cute.

They look like normal sized eggs without any reference. The green plate is actually the saucer for an espresso cup.

This photo gives you a better idea of how small the eggs are, unless my hand is exceptionally large!

A very small easter basket: Maybe this is the sort of eggs the easter bunny should deliver?

Don't ask what got into my crazy head! I really wanted the contrast between the pale yellow and the blue. Sadly, this looks more like merry-go-round the citrus juicer rather than a cool interesting photograph, but I guess it made me chuckle.


Jessica said...

Do you know how many deviled eggs I could eat in one sitting? I don't know but I would love to find out. They are THE PERFECT food.

Lynnea said...

I'll make you a batch of teeny tiny deviled eggs. they are so fun to eat.