Monday, January 28, 2008

mold is cute

Here's a picture of the mold that I found behind the bottle of Hello Kitty bubble bath, as imagined by Matthew, who is at work, but has vast amounts of experience in cleaning out moldy showers. Such an accurate depiction =)

The Housewife in me...

Since I didn't take my theraflu today I've gotta find something else to motivate me to do the dishes and I think Caldrea dish washing liquid will do the trick. Seriously folks, this stuff smells delicious and it works really well. It's also exorbitantly expensive so I probably won't be buying any when my samples run out. My dear, sweet employers brought back a handful of these little samples from Market(the place where buyers for retail shops go to shop) and I am now absolutely in love with Caldrea's product. I do have to wonder if paying 8 bucks for a 16oz bottle of dish soap ever evens out. But then, when you consider how much less you have to use of the product and when you consider how yummy it smells, therefore how much happier it makes you feel while you're doing a pile of dishes, it might not be such a rip off. Hmmm....I'll have to reconsider this question when I actually have money in my bank account instead of a big fat zero in my account and a pile of new clothes from victoria's secret in my closet =) Then I'll see if the $8 dish soap and the shipping cost on the dish soap will be justifiable for such a luxury.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My drug of choice is...

Theraflu, specifically the Daytime Severe Cold version of the medicine. This stuff is crazy. I have no idea what they put in it to make me so hyper and full of energy but it works very well. I mean it makes me want to just do chores all day long. The only thing that kept me from cleaning everything in sight was the knowledge that I was in fact sick, despite how I felt, and that my incredibly runny nose would just spread germs as quickly as I cleaned.

That's my only complaint, it decongests and therefore does not stop a runny nose. As soon as it wears off, I remember why I took it in the first place, but until then having a head cold does little to stop me from doing more, with more energy, than I ever do when I'm perfectly well. I think I already feel an addiction forming, so hopefully I'll be fully well by tomorrow(and I won't have an excuse to use it). I'm having trouble resisting the tempting thought that this could be rather useful, for those days off when I just don't feel like doing chores.

The problem with whatever energizing ingredient they put in this version of theraflu(it isn't listed, at least not that I can tell) is that it makes me want to stop resting and do something, anything to keep from being idle. The benefit is that it helps me focus. Yesterday, after finishing up making a delicious pot of soup, doing the dishes, taking out the trash and fighting off the urge to clean the entire top of the fridge(believe me it is nasty) I was able to read for a couple of hours with such focus that I finished way more than I expected to. It doesn't make me feel the way caffeine does. I know this because all caffeine does is help me not focus and frazzle my little nerves.

What is in the theraflu? Can I get huge amounts of it? How much does it cost? Is it highly dangerous and addictive? I think this could be useful if I ever get to grad school.

Perhaps I'll just have to start saving up all my nasty chores for when I'm sick and have an excuse to take this delightful drug =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

If you ever feel too nerdy...

...just follow me to LA on a super nerd shopping trip. We went to a Japanese bookstore with tons of manga(all in Japanese), three giant robot stores, two comic book shops, the giant Amoeba in Hollywood and a few incidental places such as a very yummy sushi place, a pinkberry, a cute Japanese things store, and a bohemian cafe.

It was fun but tiring. We so rarely leave the house that it felt so nice to actually see another city. LA has some great places and is packed full of more options than anybody could ever use in a lifetime. That's why it's a great place to visit but probably not a place for me to live. I like the tension that one finds in cities such as Portland and Seattle(none to be found in San Diego though) but LA actually has too much of it. It is too busy, dirty and crowded, but all that provides some great shopping options.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A moritorium on food

The Fancy Food Show is amazing. But I think I burned out the taste receptors in my tongue. I know I ate too much chocolate because I actually told Matthew not to let me eat any chocolate for at least a week(didn't last but a mere 24 hours). Dinner last night just tasted like nothing to me. Everything was so bland yesterday. So strange. What a horrible feeling; it just makes eating no fun.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The kindness of strangers

I always complain about how rude and unhelpful people are, but then I find out that I, in fact, might need just a bit more help in life than others should be expected to give me. The other night, I left work, backed out of my parking spot, drove around a couple of corners, over a few bumps, stopped at a couple stop signs and while waiting at a stop light felt a slight bit of terror as a very nice, elderly man tapped on my car window to let me know that I "had a mess of bread on the trunk of my car." I thanked him profusely, grabbed the bread and headed on my way, amazed at my stupidness and thankful that there are very nice and observant people in the world.