Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few photos from our trip home in July

Matthew and I did so little on our most recent trip home, other than hang out in the sweltering heat with our darling families. One of the few activities we actually did muster up enough energy for was a visit to the Lavender Farm. I didn't expect much from the Lavender farm but ended up finding it very peaceful and relaxing(probably due to the affect of the lavender). I'm usually not one for relaxing but prefer to keep very busy because I like a sense of accomplishment, but this was a great time just sitting, sipping lavender lemonade with Matthew and his dear, sweet mom.

A labyrinth designed out of lavender - it was used primarily by great swarms of bees =)

The views were, of course, stunning as well.

See how Relaxed I am?

Friday, August 27, 2010

itty bitty glass fishy

On a recent(well, a bit less recently than I think*) trip to Crate and Barrel, I picked up a little bag of fishies. I could resist neither their bright colors and little swirls, nor their little fishy pleas to give them a good home. They were simply adorable! Of course, the next question, after the initial question of whether to purchase them or not was answered, was "what to do with the little cuties." You may notice that I encounter this question a lot, far too often, in fact. But that stems from my "ability" to happily pay money for items that I have no need for and never will find a use for.

I thought they were just too pretty in the little fish bowl, so took a few photos to share. I'm sure I'll find other uses for them but until then they are swimming merrily around in the fishy bowl which I have on my living room table. It's fun!

* By the way, yes, it has been a month exactly since I last posted. Really, really naughty of me. I've been extremely lazy lately. No idea why, but I'm sure I'll find something to blame =)