Sunday, June 17, 2012

my new friend: an elderly owl

I have a new friend! He is an elderly owl who belonged to a friend for years and years, but upon discovering that I like the occasional owl, my friend thought that I might enjoy his company an awful lot, and so she gave him to me.

Today was the first day that I took him outside for a little look-see and what I discovered was that he desperately needed a bath. So, several hefty doses of Endust and a stiff toothbrush later, he looks much better; his plumage is shiny and bright, and his eyes are no longer cloudy. After his cleaning, he looked so dapper and cheerful that I realized he deserved his very own post on my blog.

He is a very clever little owl and comes apart so that I can store things in his little baskety body. I guess he can't hold anything too heavy, so probably bits of string or other fluffy things are ideal materials for him to hold.

His delicate feet probably can't withstand holding any heavy objects

My elderly owl has a very handsome profile!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

a little grumpy bear

 I started crocheting this little panda bear rattle a few weeks back, but when I started photographing him, I realized he's almost too smug and saucy looking to give to a baby. He might frighten a baby with his grumpy visage. But, then again, maybe that's okay since babies are often grumpy their own tiny selves.

 I used a tiny bell stuffed inside the filling to give the rattle a very soft sound. I know babies like interesting noises but parents prefer quieter toys. In the future, I might make the handle ring a little bit smaller. Sometimes I forget just how teeny-tiny, itty-bitty a baby's hands are. 

Wow! that's a grumpy little face! kinda cute though =)