Tuesday, August 13, 2013

happy helmet

oops, my helmet is a little bit crooked, that's not safe!
I finally got around to having Matthew take a picture of me in my bike helmet. Of course, I went with the polka dots =) And, of course I really wanted a pink polka dotted one but the fellows at the bike shop didn't have such a darling helmet in stock. So, I went with the second cutest helmet, a red and white polka dotted helmet, because it actually exists!

Anyway, it's adorable and when I wear my red polka dotted helmet and my Hello Kitty Sunglasses; I look like a cute little weirdo riding down the street. It's great fun and very eye catching. Good for safety, at least, if not for fashion.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Easy plum cake and my happy new kitchen cutie

Today, I needed to use up a couple of ripe plums and plum cake sounded good to me. Never mind the fact that I've only ever heard tell of plum cake and have yet to experience the delicious flavors of plums baked into a soft, moist cake. I spent the five minutes required to put it together, baked it up and now it's cooling on my new little kitchen butcher's block cart.

On Tuesday, I had to exchange an item at Ikea and whilst wandering around the As Is section of the store, I happened upon a lonely looking little item that just looked up at me and asked to be taken home. It was too cute to resist and, ended up being just the right size for my teeny, tiny, pint-sized kitchen. Anyway, it turns out that this sweet little butcher's block cart is the perfect size for just about everything, including holding a cooling plum cake.

A lovely, fanciful baby shower

 This summer I took on a fairly unusual project: planning a baby shower for a friend. I've never planned a shower of any sort, bridal, baby or any other type(is there any other type?) so this was a great learning experience. I had loads of fun with the whole event and, for the most part, thought the whole party went perfectly. Of course, I forgot a few details which only I noticed but the excessive preparation during the two months before the baby shower made for a really lovely experience, even for me. In fact, I may have enjoyed it more than anybody.

The snack table

A Tier of treats: Blueberry and Lemon curd tartlets

Fruit skewers and baby scones

Chicken and Arugula sandwiches and tomato basil skewers

I loved decorating the tiered tray with tiny porcelain bowls of baby pink carnations

My favorite: the hand crafted flag toothpicks. These were made with washi tape and turned out very cute