Sunday, February 14, 2010

tiny pink love bugs

These little sweet love bugs crossed my path the other day and I just thought I'd post them for all to enjoy! Just in time for Valentine's Day! =)

It's a beautiful day for single love bugs to go out and about for a walk.

"Hey, Cutie! I'd like to meet you."

"You seem Nice"

"It's okay, I'm a love bug, not a bed bug. I don't Bite!"

"Well, you are awfully sweet"

"Let's be little valentines!"

Just a silly little valentine story.

And, a big thanks to the props!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cutie Robot Pillow

During my visit home in November, I found a darling Robot print fabric at a tiny quilting store in Ashland. I just knew I had to have this fabric; I would worry about what to make with it later. The problem of what to do with it was, of course, quickly solved when I remembered that the only things I can sew are aprons and pillows. I knew Matthew wouldn't be too likely to wear an Apron(at least not the style I'd sew with ruffles and RicRac), so I chose the only other option.

As usual, with any of my sewing projects(I should be honest and just call them like they are - messes), I had grand and fantastic visions for this humble little pillow, and not a one of them came to fruition. By the finish, I ended up with an extremely basic and simple pillow, despite several restarts and too many hours of planning(the most misguided of my sewing "career").

Someday, perhaps I'll take the entire thing apart and turn it into a truly worthy pillow, but until then, we'll just feel cheered by the tiny Robots and Robot doggies in the pattern. So Cute!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gardening-my nemesis

Everyday, upon leaving and returning home, I cringe and turn a blind eye to my tiny, potted garden. My little plants, in all their myriad colors (grey, two-toned grey and green, brown and green) lay the thickest guilt trip anybody could ever endure.

My one shining success is actually no success of mine, but rather just a very hardy little pepper plant who, after being dried up into a sad little stalk, eventually pulled out and thrown away, must have left behind a little seed, something to carry on his legacy. I mixed in the old pepper plant's soil with some other soils and used it to replant my recent string of tragic little plant creatures. The little seed just magically started to grow(I say magically because the thyme that it shares a pot with, can hardly keep himself alive). Now I have a full pepper plant on my hands with real, live peppers growing on it. Now the real trick is to see if they will turn red or just shrivel up and die, like most of my other plants.

Note: and yes, I know the photos look identical, but they aren't. If one looks very closely, variations are noticeable =)