Sunday, February 14, 2010

tiny pink love bugs

These little sweet love bugs crossed my path the other day and I just thought I'd post them for all to enjoy! Just in time for Valentine's Day! =)

It's a beautiful day for single love bugs to go out and about for a walk.

"Hey, Cutie! I'd like to meet you."

"You seem Nice"

"It's okay, I'm a love bug, not a bed bug. I don't Bite!"

"Well, you are awfully sweet"

"Let's be little valentines!"

Just a silly little valentine story.

And, a big thanks to the props!


SweetEnnui said...

You make them so cute that I could not bear to NOM them!

Lynnea said...

Hey Jessica,

Yes, it's true, this is the reason that I end up keeping insanely cute candy around my house for months. I still have a super cutie chocolate halloween bat =)

KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - Did you eat them??? ;o)

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk!
yes, they were so good. strawberry and chocolate inside!

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I'll second the "they were so good" comment. Sweet but not too sweet as some candy can be. Made me want to go out and buy more but of course the love bugs were gone by the time I went to get some more.

Lynnea said...

Oh dear, I should have sent you more than just two. I figured one for you and one for Daddy, but I suspect he didn't get his share =) hee, hee, hee!