Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My new little hoot

My very last Christmas present of the season finally arrived about a week ago. She was delayed several times on her bumpy journey from Fong's Studio in Malaysia but determinedly she flew on until she made her way to her new home, my home. This sweet and darling little Hoot pillow was a Christmas gift from good friends, Matt and Christy. I just can't squeeze the dear thing tight enough. I love it and think that it really brightens up my chair, adds a bit of color. I assure you, five pillow on my little chair just aren't enough. I won't be satisfied until I'm only able to sit on the very tippity edge of the chair because the rest of the seat is covered with adorable pillows.

I will admit, I'm rather tempted to purchase another one of these baby Hoot pillows so that my little hoot doesn't get lonely. Of course, she has so very many owls to keep her company that perhaps it would be a bit redundant to add another to the flock. I'll just be satisfied with my one little pink owl pillow.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

This pillow just causes me to burst into singing. Singing a preschool song of course. Here is the "Five Wise Old Owls" song with adaptations for the newest owl in the flock.

One cute pink owl sat in my chair
She blinked her eyes then gave a stare.
I waved hello, 'cause I like her so
But she only answered, Whoooooooooo.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

By the way, welcome to your new home, baby Hoot.

Lynnea said...

Oh how very very sweet is that rhyme. I love it. I think I'll recite it to my new baby Hoot.