Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter critters

Just a few little easter critters that I encountered during the past week. I meant to post these before easter but I kept forgetting about them unless I was very much not in a situation to write a blog post, at work, lying in bed trying to fall asleep, drinking...the list goes on.

I know that I've posted photos of moonstruck truffles before, but I don't think I've posted the Easter variety before. They are squealingly cute:

A wee brown bunny with a heart shaped nose and sweet whiskers.

Little pink piggy. His look tells me he knows he's destined to be eaten.

It's like a truffle version of Shaun the Sheep(none of my customers knew what I was talking about)

The petite chocolate easter egg. So delicately decorated.

Bonus Picture!

A baby squirrel who likes to crawl around in the pocket of the gentleman who rescued him from the chomping crow. This baby squirrel was very soft with tiny feet. I got to hold and pet him and he was one of the sweetest little creatures I've ever met. So fun!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

yes, more bread. I know i'm crazy.

Honestly, I do things other than baking bread; in fact, I haven't made much in the way of bread for the past month (I wonder if that's why I haven't posted much in the past month, as well? Huh.). This newly acquired ability to easily bake fresh bread is still just so fun and exciting for me, exciting enough that I primarily post photos of the finished product, loaves that magically work perfectly every time. It's still so astounding.

This loaf is made of olive oil dough and because Matthew's favorite type of bread is artisan style olive bread, I tossed in a few shriveling olives that we needed to use up. I supplemented two unrecognizably old castelvetrano olives and five sun-dried, herbed olives with pimento stuffed cocktail olives. Perhaps this was an odd combination, but I liked it and could have eaten the entire loaf of bread for dinner, if not for the vegetarian chili that I made to go with the bread.

Close up of the juicy olives and nice crumb

I really liked the extra moist, fine crumb from this particular bread and assume that the olive oil helps provide the extra moisture. This bread holds up very well to slicing and because of that fact, along with the addition of olives, this is great sandwich bread. Or, at least I hope so, since Matthew has a ham and smoked gouda sandwich on freshly baked olive bread for lunch tomorrow.

And, I promise I'll take a good long break from posting bread photos.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

tiny felt roses

A selection of darling little hand-crafted felt and pearl bead roses that my friend Clare made for a baby shower. She gave me a couple handfuls of them and I just adore them. What shall I do with them? I don't know. Tumble them atop old books and take photos of them? sounds good!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visiting Friends

Matthew and I took a short little trip to Las Vegas this weekend and, I have to say, it's kind of funny that when ever I tell people "I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend," they get that little gleam in their eyes and say "oh, wow, have fun!" Of course, the closest we got to partying was eating giant bowls of Chocolate Mousse with friends and hanging out with some of the cutest kids I've ever met.

Lynnea on the hike at Red Rock.

We thought it was the children's discovery trail but it turned out to be quite a strenuous hike. The Kids did amazingly on a much longer than expected hike.

We had such an easy, relaxing time; my friend Clare cooked amazing meals and her husband, Ray, was so kind to drive us up to Red Rock for a beautiful hike. They just took such great care of us during our stay.

It was like a cozy little hotel. Clare had a whole selection of toiletries for us. So cute!