Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visiting Friends

Matthew and I took a short little trip to Las Vegas this weekend and, I have to say, it's kind of funny that when ever I tell people "I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend," they get that little gleam in their eyes and say "oh, wow, have fun!" Of course, the closest we got to partying was eating giant bowls of Chocolate Mousse with friends and hanging out with some of the cutest kids I've ever met.

Lynnea on the hike at Red Rock.

We thought it was the children's discovery trail but it turned out to be quite a strenuous hike. The Kids did amazingly on a much longer than expected hike.

We had such an easy, relaxing time; my friend Clare cooked amazing meals and her husband, Ray, was so kind to drive us up to Red Rock for a beautiful hike. They just took such great care of us during our stay.

It was like a cozy little hotel. Clare had a whole selection of toiletries for us. So cute!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I will never think of Las Vegas the same after seeing the beautiful hiking area surrounding it.

Lynnea said...

it really is beautiful in that high-desert way. And the mountains surrounding Las Vegas are quite impressive.