Sunday, October 24, 2010

hello! fall cheer

Just adding to my collection of cheery autumnal images for this year:

Apples? again? yes! you see, my extremely thoughtful and sweet neighbor brought these two little cuties down from Julian especially for me. He knows I love cute, little things.

Matthew's favorite halloween plate, since he loves crows. I use it for serving tiny snacks and such.

Seems as though it's the year for fall baskets. These are my very own darling gourds. I really did miss the last ones after I gave them away.

Last Halloween I made this little ghost fellow out of a sake bottle covering and some paper. Just a couple pieces of felt and some glue rounded out the entire project. He's pretty cute blowing around in the wind.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

gorgeous gourds and pumpkins

Picked up a few beautiful fall decorations at the market the other day. I always get really excited about pumpkins but honestly, I never buy gourds, simply because they are not edible. I rarely buy food items that can't technically be eaten, just like I rarely grow things that aren't edible. Not to say that I don't end up tossing a good deal of the food I buy, or don't spend half the summer killing off my dear little herb plants, but I like the idea that everything I put my time or money towards serves a practical purpose.**

To justify my purchase of the darling gourds in the photo, I bought them as a hostess gift for a friend and noticed that immediately all my qualms about buying something useless and impractical vanished. And now that I've held in my possession such darling little creatures, though so brief was their visit, I'm beginning to think I should buy a few of them for myself. Maybe the second time around I'll have an easier time convincing myself that they are necessary.

Naturally, little eggyplant wanted to be photographed along with his new friends. What he doesn't know is that he's actually pretty small next to all of them. It's okay, they think he's pretty cute.

applies only to grocery store items. please see numerous examples of useless and impractical purchases.