Sunday, October 24, 2010

hello! fall cheer

Just adding to my collection of cheery autumnal images for this year:

Apples? again? yes! you see, my extremely thoughtful and sweet neighbor brought these two little cuties down from Julian especially for me. He knows I love cute, little things.

Matthew's favorite halloween plate, since he loves crows. I use it for serving tiny snacks and such.

Seems as though it's the year for fall baskets. These are my very own darling gourds. I really did miss the last ones after I gave them away.

Last Halloween I made this little ghost fellow out of a sake bottle covering and some paper. Just a couple pieces of felt and some glue rounded out the entire project. He's pretty cute blowing around in the wind.


KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - Knowing how creative you are.... I'm wondering what your Halloween get-up was like!

Lynnea said...

me? creative? well thank you. it's funny, i'm never the creative one in the family =) my costume wasn't actually very cool. I wear the same thing every year. I didn't take a photo this year, but did a couple years ago