Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lynnea vs. The Atlantic

Naturally, my first trip to the east coast must include my first encounter with the Atlantic ocean. Let me say this, it was a very short meeting and doesn't have me entirely convinced. I still like the Pacific ocean best, so far, I'm still a west coast girl. Now, admittedly, I was only in the water for 10 seconds or so and the pitiful little beach we found was, by no means a nice representation of what the Atlantic ocean beaches have to offer (I'm guessing/hoping).

Have to admit - we kind of picked a gross beach, but there weren't a lot of public beaches. We still aren't entirely sure this one was.

I pinky swear that we didn't photoshop Matthew into the photo but it sure looks that way.

Ready for a new experience.

Gently approaching my target.

Oh dear! it got me.

Done. Get me off this grody little beach.

I'll just say, the Atlantic won this time, but next time I'll be better prepared.

our quick trip to new england

Slidin' in just under a month with this post! =)

It isn't much but I thought I'd post a few of my favorite images from Matthew's and my trip to Rhode Island. This was the first time I've seen any part of The US that's east of Las Vegas. I must admit, I liked it.

In front of the Mayflower II -which was built in the 1950s - kind of silly but still gives a good idea of the incredibly cramped conditions people endured.

On the porch of Emily Dickinson's family home - I was beyond delighted to visit her home.

I picked up a lot of goodies at the Providence Farmer's Market. Such darling little veggies. Apparently, in Rhode Island they grow the friendliest, sweetest veggies, and their coffee cups all smile up at you when you're drinking out of them.

This little fellow might be delicious fried in butter until golden.

These two just begged me to take them home with me and I couldn't say no. Maybe it was the cuteness overload high or perhaps it was the beyond-perfect weather that made me want to buy everything I saw at the Rhode island farmer's market. I must say, Matthew and I were stunned by the incredible looking produce that the local farmers presented at this farmer's market. Everything was just huge and glowingly beautiful which made it very hard for a veggie crazed little thing like me to resist.

Now, this cup may not look as though it's smiling up at me, but the contents sure tasted like pure happiness in a mug, that is, if happiness is incredible hot chocolate that I am craving even now. I will admit, this isn't the only cup of the stuff that I consumed on our ridiculously short trip. The girls at this shop must have thought I was a chocolate addict or something but I didn't worry about that when I ordered a hot chocolate to chase my morning tea on our last morning in Rhode Island.