Wednesday, May 26, 2010

babiest lettuce

Today, my employer gave me two baby lettuce pots that she bought at the farmer's market. I've been talking non stop about my silly little lettuce grown from seed that I was just sure would die a terrible buggy death, and I guess she just wanted my original baby lettuce* to have the cheerful company of even littler lettuce plants.

Here they are with a mini wheelbarrow, just the right size for tiny lettuce plants.

*Now that I look back at old posts, I realize that I never posted a photo of my lettuce grown from seed. It's lovely and very healthy. I made a salad out of it and it was extremely tender.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my teeny tiny friend

Hello! I'm not entirely sure if I've posted a photo of my little pink computer owl in the past, but I think a photo or two of her would certainly cuteify my blog. The weather today was just so lovely that I thought I'd take her out for a little exercise and some sunshine. Usually this wee owl sits atop my computer and nods her head and blinks her little eyes adorably, but in these photos she happily perches on my finger.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My sweet little Mother's Gifts

Just a quick post to show off how talented and sweet my mother is to me. I received a darling package in the mail a couple of weeks ago; it was covered with little fairy stickers which had darling little quotes around them, written, of course, in my dear mother's handwriting. Upon opening the box, I discovered several darling little creatures peeking out of the tissue paper. Initially, I thought "Oh how very sweet of my mother to send me these things. She must have bought them from a very talented artisan, perhaps a friend of hers." Imagine my surprise when she told me she made them herself! She is incredible. I still feel a sense of complete amazement every time I examine the tiny detail work on the little fairy or the sweet little owl pouch. It is the same feeling that I had as a child when my mother would come along and help me with a project that I had been struggling to make work; she always was able to draw, write, craft so perfectly and here, I find, now that I'm older and more capable than I was as a child, she still seems to do everything perfectly. It's lovely having such a talented mother.

Here are a few pictures of her tiny creations:

Fairy friends

Little fairy leaning over the wishing well, I mean wishing tea cup

A tiny pirate sailing around in the mate gourd that he picked up in Argentina. He is quite the world traveler, but my mother says he isn't particularly fond of seagulls, due to a rather frightening incident and he doesn't like to talk about. He prefers everyone to think he is very brave.

Tiny owl pouch. I love it.