Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bits of cheer from our central coast trip

I don't have much to post from our trip to Ventura/Santa Barbara but the few things I do have are very cute and fun. We weren't in the area for more than one full day so we really didn't take many photos. I will say, that Ventura is a great little beach town and I found lots of fun clothes there. Also, we liked Santa Barbara once the sun came out and we'd consumed enough coffee.

Little Cupcakes- these were served with the bill for breakfast at Cafe Nouveau in Ventura. Really great Breakfast and astonishingly tasty cupcakes.

Beautiful little red cups at a cafe in Santa Barbara. I had tea and Matthew had coffee. And of course, I couldn't resist buying the wee bar of locally made chocolate. I'm such a sucker for pretty labels.

A little bag of taffy to cheer us up while waiting for the sun to come out in Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Fun summer images and themes keep popping up today and, in fact, have been showing their bright little faces all week. Matthew and I took a little trip up the coast last week and I've got lots of fun photos that I'll post from that at a later date, but for now I'll just post a few photos that I took today.

The weather was a little bit warm(for San Diego) today so I made Hiyashi Ramen. This is a Japanese warm weather dish and is one of my all time favorite things to eat. I spent the whole day thinking about how deliciously cool and refreshing dinner would be, and it was exactly that!

The dish usually has cooked egg, cucumber and some sort of pork(ham or chashu) over noodles doused in a soy based sauce. I like to add other things to it like corn and tofu to try to "healthy it up."

One of my favorite additions is tomato. And these were particularly tasty little heirloom tomatoes from Trader Joes.

Finally it's cheap cherry season!! And for the first time in several years I found Rainier cherries for less than five dollars a pound which is the usual price for them in San Diego. These were actually 2 dollars a pound and while lovely and delicious, they might be a bit truck worn, hence the better price.

I mixed in a few of the twice-the-price and twice-the-size Bings that I picked up as well. I hope the rainiers don't feel dowdy next to their much more handsome friends.

Cherry Mug shots. Cute.

Ever the hopeful gardener, I've planted some micro greens and several herbs. Perhaps if we have some sun this summer, unlike last year, my plants will finally grow.

Of course, nothing will grow if I don't water them. Hopefully this funny little flattened spoon will remind me to give them a drink more often than once a week.