Sunday, October 11, 2009

The cuties (aka the primary reason I want to go back to the UK)

These little woodland creatures appear in many of the cutie shops around The UK. I regret not buying more of the little things from this line that I liked, but I was intently trying to prove that I could show some restraint(if only to myself).

The little accessories for this line included so many things: purses, hot water bottle cozies, bags in all shapes, fabrics and sizes, cupcake papers, figurines, and more.

I bought the hot water bottle and cozy

and the mini lunch bag

I took too, too many photos of the baby mushroom on the forest garland so this little mushy photo gets to sit at the end of this post.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

My favorite of these cuties are the deer and the hot water bottle cozy cover. So, so cute. I can see why you had to use constraint when buying these.

Lynnea said...

it's true and they also had a ultra cute hot water bottle cover with a little knitted house on it. Very cute but more expensive because of all the extra work involved.