Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy little Halloween creatures

I'm just posting photos of some of the cutest little Halloween truffles that we ordered for the store. They are actually almost totally sold out but I made sure to buy one of each before that happened.

The owl, of course, is my favorite. Such a goofy little fellow.

Frankenstein's monstrous creature

An utterly adorable blood sucking batty bat

A creepy little eye ball

A darling little pumpky

And, just to prove that people are afraid of big words, the Pfeffernusse spice acorn truffle. As soon as people hear the word, Pfeffernusse, they look frightened and say "oh, no, not that one." The problem being that it is ultra cute and delicious.


SweetEnnui said...

I will take ALL the pfeffernusse that other people reject. YUMMY CUTENESS!

Lynnea said...

yummy cuteness is the best! =)