Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon scones and other silliness

Last week I purchased a few persimmons and today I noticed the last two persimmons were getting rather aged. I needed to make them into a yummy treat asap, since Matthew realized the other morning that he Really doesn't like plain persimmon. No amount of coaxing can convince him that they, in fact, have a wonderful, unique flavor in their natural form. As a flavoring for baked goods, on the other hand, they please him immensely. Since I love persimmons raw or cooked, I figured I'd turn my last last two, extra ripe persimmons into scones so that Matthew could enjoyed them just as much as I do. I did this once before, with the sad little specimens that I dragged home last Christmas(of course, they weren't sad before they started on their 800 mile journey).

This time around, I used cinnamon sugar as the only spice, as I didn't have a tangerine on hand and I didn't feel like grinding up enough nutmeg to make it worth the effort. I also dusted the scone tops with cinnamon sugar.

They turned out very good, maybe a little denser than I prefer but then I never use a proper scone recipe so I shouldn't complain.

The color of the day is Orange! First Persimmons, then Pumpkins, I guess it's just that time of year.

What a difference between the pumpkins. They cost about the same but one is lovely and the other is cute. I can't help but adore them both.

Their little backsides =)


KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - Nice job on those scones!!!

Lynnea said...

Thanks Kirk!
I bet the Missus has a great scone recipe in her baking repertoire.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

You come up with the loveliest ideas for scones. I think you must be the scone queen. Cut pumpkins.

Lynnea said...

Well, Mother, I learned from the best about baking and about how to buy cute pumpkiny decorations.