Friday, October 23, 2009

little cheese ghost

Many people may dislike Whole Foods because they charge too much and are a big corporate chain, but I have to say, I do shop there fairly often. Now, I don't do the majority of my shopping there(it's too expensive for that) but I do pick up a few things now and again and I just love browsing their gourmet food sections (I always find the best treats). The other day, I happened upon some little cheeses that were dressed up for Halloween. So cute. This little bit of goat cheese is dressed up as a Ghost and his little friend is dressed up as a tombstone. Very clever little costumes, I must say.

I haven't tried the tasty creatures yet, but I have no doubt that they will be delicious. That's another advantage to Whole Foods. Everything I buy there is very good and fresh and tasty- I never have to wonder if I've wasted my money buying something inedible, I simply have to worry that I've wasted my money buying something that I could have bought cheaper elsewhere.

Here is the little Ghost flying down the hallway to scare me(in broad day light, who does he think he's kidding?)

Okay, I'll admit, with four pictures that look nearly identical, how could I be so silly as to post all four photos? It was a very difficult decision, and it was only when all four little ghosts looked up at me with the most imploring little faces that just begged to be posted for all the world to see, I realized that I couldn't say no to any of them. So, they all get a little shining spot in the post, whether it was necessary or not.

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