Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't think this counts...

as a cutie souvenir. It's really just a regular souvenir, despite it's adorable appearance. This seems to be a handmade(since they were all different) jug, made for the York Brewery.

We stopped at the brewery on our walk around the old medieval city walls. it was just a block out of the way and honestly, it was one of the nicest stops we made on the entire vacation. Matthew and I are so glad we went on the little brewery tour and drank their delicious beer. We've decided that it was the best and friendliest brewery tour we've gone on(although Cantillon's was pretty good) and they brew up some truly excellent beer, award winning, in fact.

This little jug caught Matthew's and My fancy because it was so sweet and well made. We saw jugs for various breweries in Europe, such as at Cantillon. We aren't sure if they use them for the beer or just as a general purpose jug while they are drinking beer. I personally would use it to hold the cream that I put in my tea that I drink alongside my beer. I will often drink tea and beer or tea and wine or even tea and sake. Winning combinations! well, perhaps only to me =)

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