Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cutie Robot Pillow

During my visit home in November, I found a darling Robot print fabric at a tiny quilting store in Ashland. I just knew I had to have this fabric; I would worry about what to make with it later. The problem of what to do with it was, of course, quickly solved when I remembered that the only things I can sew are aprons and pillows. I knew Matthew wouldn't be too likely to wear an Apron(at least not the style I'd sew with ruffles and RicRac), so I chose the only other option.

As usual, with any of my sewing projects(I should be honest and just call them like they are - messes), I had grand and fantastic visions for this humble little pillow, and not a one of them came to fruition. By the finish, I ended up with an extremely basic and simple pillow, despite several restarts and too many hours of planning(the most misguided of my sewing "career").

Someday, perhaps I'll take the entire thing apart and turn it into a truly worthy pillow, but until then, we'll just feel cheered by the tiny Robots and Robot doggies in the pattern. So Cute!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I find nothing unworthy in this robot pillow. The big buttons are the perfect adornment.

Katie said...

Lynnea, I need to you to teach me how to sew pillows and aprons, both of which I want to do but have no idea how to!

Lynnea said...

Hi Katie! i didn't know you have a blog! goody, now I can read it.

You know, I'd be happy to teach you how to sew, but I learned all that stuff from my mother and she learned from Grandma. So, maybe you can learn from all of us =)

Lynnea said...

Mother, thanks for your kind words but this was supposed to be a truly magnificent pillow with a buttonable cover and everything, but that was absolutely not possible because of my little nincompoopiness.