Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gardening-my nemesis

Everyday, upon leaving and returning home, I cringe and turn a blind eye to my tiny, potted garden. My little plants, in all their myriad colors (grey, two-toned grey and green, brown and green) lay the thickest guilt trip anybody could ever endure.

My one shining success is actually no success of mine, but rather just a very hardy little pepper plant who, after being dried up into a sad little stalk, eventually pulled out and thrown away, must have left behind a little seed, something to carry on his legacy. I mixed in the old pepper plant's soil with some other soils and used it to replant my recent string of tragic little plant creatures. The little seed just magically started to grow(I say magically because the thyme that it shares a pot with, can hardly keep himself alive). Now I have a full pepper plant on my hands with real, live peppers growing on it. Now the real trick is to see if they will turn red or just shrivel up and die, like most of my other plants.

Note: and yes, I know the photos look identical, but they aren't. If one looks very closely, variations are noticeable =)


KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - At least they're still alive.... I just look at a plant and it turns black and wilts! ;0(

Lynnea said...

=) tee hee, I know that feeling! I've had several plants that just up and died because the thought of being taken care of by me was too horrifying to live through =)