Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few photos from our trip home in July

Matthew and I did so little on our most recent trip home, other than hang out in the sweltering heat with our darling families. One of the few activities we actually did muster up enough energy for was a visit to the Lavender Farm. I didn't expect much from the Lavender farm but ended up finding it very peaceful and relaxing(probably due to the affect of the lavender). I'm usually not one for relaxing but prefer to keep very busy because I like a sense of accomplishment, but this was a great time just sitting, sipping lavender lemonade with Matthew and his dear, sweet mom.

A labyrinth designed out of lavender - it was used primarily by great swarms of bees =)

The views were, of course, stunning as well.

See how Relaxed I am?


KirkK said...

Wonderful photos Lynnea!

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk,


So funny, because matthew took all but two of the photos with his camera which is way nicer than mine =)

Ray n Clare said...

wow, where is this located?

Lynnea said...

just outside of montague. it took about 30min to drive there from matthew's house. it's a great view of Mt. shasta(of course, every view is a great view of mt. shasta =)).