Sunday, January 20, 2008

If you ever feel too nerdy...

...just follow me to LA on a super nerd shopping trip. We went to a Japanese bookstore with tons of manga(all in Japanese), three giant robot stores, two comic book shops, the giant Amoeba in Hollywood and a few incidental places such as a very yummy sushi place, a pinkberry, a cute Japanese things store, and a bohemian cafe.

It was fun but tiring. We so rarely leave the house that it felt so nice to actually see another city. LA has some great places and is packed full of more options than anybody could ever use in a lifetime. That's why it's a great place to visit but probably not a place for me to live. I like the tension that one finds in cities such as Portland and Seattle(none to be found in San Diego though) but LA actually has too much of it. It is too busy, dirty and crowded, but all that provides some great shopping options.

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