Monday, January 28, 2008

The Housewife in me...

Since I didn't take my theraflu today I've gotta find something else to motivate me to do the dishes and I think Caldrea dish washing liquid will do the trick. Seriously folks, this stuff smells delicious and it works really well. It's also exorbitantly expensive so I probably won't be buying any when my samples run out. My dear, sweet employers brought back a handful of these little samples from Market(the place where buyers for retail shops go to shop) and I am now absolutely in love with Caldrea's product. I do have to wonder if paying 8 bucks for a 16oz bottle of dish soap ever evens out. But then, when you consider how much less you have to use of the product and when you consider how yummy it smells, therefore how much happier it makes you feel while you're doing a pile of dishes, it might not be such a rip off. Hmmm....I'll have to reconsider this question when I actually have money in my bank account instead of a big fat zero in my account and a pile of new clothes from victoria's secret in my closet =) Then I'll see if the $8 dish soap and the shipping cost on the dish soap will be justifiable for such a luxury.

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