Tuesday, May 3, 2011

simple, cheerful kabobs

Due to having bought a giant, two and a half pound beef tenderloin for a recipe, I had a few funny bits of beef turning grey in the fridge. These were the pieces from the end and the "oopsie" cuts from trimming(hacking, really) away the silver skin (any butcher would have cried to see my incompetence). The tenderloin is such a tender and highly prized cut that I didn't want to keep it around until it finally went bad and then throw it away, as I do with so much of the food that I buy. But, for the same reason, it's hard to just use it in any old recipe like stir fry or stew because it's so very tender and doesn't need to have the life cooked out of it like most of the beef I buy. So, I made Kabobs!

In my little heart of hearts, I adore really tender kabobs and it's something that I never seem able to make with the extra cheap stew meat that I usually buy.

Once I'd decided to make beef kabobs I needed to find some vegetables to string on the skewers with the beef. I desperately needed to use up the little cherry tomatoes that were wrinkling up like raisins in the fridge and, honestly, once refrigerated, tomatoes should always be cooked. I added a few canned artichoke hearts for color and flavor, and thought the little kabobs looked ridiculously cheerful. Cheerful enough for a picture.


Kirk said...

Hi Lynnea - These look really great!

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk, thanks, they were actually very tasty, so simple, i think that was better than loading them up with a half dozen different veggies.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

They look cheerful in their uncooked state. What did they look like in their cooked state. A little less cheery I suppose but delicious?

Lynnea said...

they looked almost as cheerful but it was too dark to take a picture at that point. Dinner was very late that night(it is most nights =)). And one of the artichokes fell off the skewer so that was not very photogenic.