Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mini "canned" apple crisp

Remember last spring when I posted the sad story of the limequat curd? And the cute little jars that never got to fulfill their duties as vessels for limequat curd? Well, at last their day has come!

Several days ago, my friend Jessica mentioned a crazy, adorable fad that is sweepin' cross the nation: baked goods in canning jars. People are baking up all sorts of treats in these jars, such as baby pies and teeny cakes. Now, thanks to her brilliant thinking and suggestion there exists mini canned apple crisp. I just couldn't resist such an adorable project.

Want to make your own mini "canned" crisps?

Step One:

Pack freshly cut apples(or other yummy fruits) into adorable jars. I mixed the apples with a sprinkle of sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.

Step Two:

Top apples with a crumble topping. I just smooshed together a knob of butter, a sprinkle of flour, some oats, a splash of vanilla and a little more nutmeg.

Step Three:

Bake the crisps in a moderate oven for 30 min, or so.

Step Four:

Serve in a very elegant setting with a wee little fork so as to savor the crisp for a long as possible.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Dear Miss Trendy,
What? No sugar in the crumb topping? You must be a health food nut. This does seem to be a clever way to prepare food for packing in a lunch. Thank you for sharing this food preparation fad.

Lynnea said...

hee, hee, hi Mom! maybe I did put sugar in the topping. I had forgotten because I put brown sugar into the topping and that's in a different container so that didn't register in my mind as sugar =)

Jessica said...

How did I miss this??? Oh so cute and awesome! Teeny little crisps! Adorable. I want to eat them up. I love that you used a wee fork.

Lynnea said...

jessica! I had intended to post the little crisps on your birthday but was a little late :) I thought they were the best idea ever, especially after I made and ate them :)