Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The sad story of the limequat curd

It's Limequat season again in Southern California and I have dutifully bought my season's worth of these wee yellow creatures from Farmer Steve at the Farmer's market. These precious little babies really make the best curd, as I discovered last year.

I decided to show off this year. Not sure who I would be showing off to, myself? But, my plan was to make the curd and can it in darling little jars that I'd purchased on impulse many months ago. Well, I gave it a really good effort, really I did, but due to my absentmindedness I had to settle for a less than perfect product: uncanned limequat curd.

So pretty in the small jar

The happy little curd looked so beautiful, unusually yellow and bright, as I packed it in jars and gently placed it in a pot of boiling water. I cheerfully set the timer for 15 minutes, thinking about what a splendid and resourceful girl I am, when suddenly I looked down at the massive chunk of butter than still needed to be worked into the curd. I had just placed jars of butterless curd into that hot water bath. Oh dear! up came the jars, off came the lids, out came the curd and in went the butter. Once I had finally managed to stir in most of the butter(it wouldn't all fit) I decided that I just didn't want to chance poisoning myself and everyone I know by canning limequat curd with partially used lids. I am not comfortable enough with canning anymore to know what I can and can't get away with, so I decided to just eat the gorgeous curd fresh. No saving it for years on end, waiting for that special enough opportunity to open the jar and use it. I will just have to give some away and eat the rest of it every single day for the next week.

I suspect that the curd will taste very good on hot cross buns left over from my Easter snack fest.

Note: The curd will actually save beautifully in the freezer but this completely negates the use of the darling little jars which are not freezer safe. Perhaps, after a week of eating limequat curd, when I still have so much left to eat, I'll put it in a tupperware and freeze it.


arttoad said...

Just admit that you were looking for a reason to live off limequat for a week. It sure looks yummy, and those jars are irresistibly cute...and what you did sounds eerily like something I would do!

Lynnea said...

Hey Kathleen!

=) spot on, though any reason to eat limequat curd is my reason. yes, the little jars are just so cute, hence the canning. oh well, I'll use the rest of them for something a little bit more manageable, like jelly.

Marsha said...

Poor thing! I've had my share of canning disasters, that's to be sure - although, on reflection, this doesn't seem too disaster-y since you'll get to eat this wonderful stuff right away now! I've never made curd myself - must look into that. And, those jars really are cute. Good find!

- Marsha

KirkK said...

Oh Lynnea.... that's too bad. It does look very lovely, though! And I'm sure you'll get a years worth of limequat curd in a week! ;o)

Lynnea said...

Hello Marsha,

thanks for the brighter outlook on this semi-disaster =) The jars really are cute, I can't wait to find something fun to can in them. From the quick glance I saw of your blog, it looks like a good reference for me in my future endeavors.

Hi Kirk,

Yes, a years worth of limequat curd in a week sounds kind of like a fun challenge, doesn't it? I think I'll have to enlist the help of friends in this one though. =)