Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a darling little springtime gift

I know this beautiful Lily of the Valley won't last long. In fact, I'm surprised that it actually bloomed for me, since most plants refuse to grow flowers once I touch them with my grubby little grey thumbs.

The first individual blossom opened on Easter Sunday, but only one seemed very small, so I waited to photograph the stalks until more flowers had blossomed.

It seems like each day a few more individual flowers open up.

I just adore the petite look of the flowers.

Thank you Mother for such a sweet gift.


Katie said...

I love it when my plants flourish! I don't have a green thumb at all. This flower is so pretty!

Lynnea said...

it was really exciting to see it blossom. I fully expected it to shrivel up but I guess I have to thank my mother for sending me a fail safe plant for me and my grey thumb. She can make plants bloom even from 800 miles away.

Ray n Clare said...

so dainty...I love them too

Lynnea said...

Yes, now I just have to hope that I can make them bloom again next year. Maybe I'll send them to my mother so she can insist that they make a good showing next year.