Sunday, May 29, 2011

Treats at Opera Cafe

Anybody who reads my blog has probably picked up the fact that I really like treats. After all, my two main reasons for going to Japan were eating Cake and buying cute clothes. So, I'm clearly a fan of going out of my way for delicious nibbles. Thus, after hearing/reading several recommendations for The Opera Cafe in Mira Mesa, I finally realized that this was a situation where I needed to make a little effort to go out of my way for some seriously nummy treats.

Last Friday Matthew and I finally had a totally open day together, so naturally I forced him cakeward to The Opera Cafe. I think even he agreed that it was worth the 20 minute drive; everything we ate was truly amazing and expertly made. In all honestly, the fact that it's a little out of our way will be an advantage in the end and it should keep me out of too much cake-induced trouble.

A little warning: the picture quality of these photos is deplorable and I apologize for them.
Some of the photos are so blurry that they may hurt your eyes. I really should have taken a camera with me but instead I just had to use my dinky little phone camera.

Duck Confit salad with dried apricots and candied walnuts. This half order was huge!

Matthew ordered the Croque Monsieur (crunchy mister) and love, love, loved it. He said that, although he hasn't ordered a lot of them in his lifetime, he felt this was the best one he's ever had. The fries were very good as well, and so adorably presented.

The pistachio, strawberry, pomegranate cake with lovely little decorations. The tiny balls on the top of the cake seemed to be candied pistachio praline balls.

The layers were so pretty. This cake was incredibly light in texture and taste with all the flavors perfectly balanced.

Teeny french pastries. We weren't exactly clear on the flavors of the two round pastries but the eclairish creatures were coffee and chocolate.

Naturally I adored this little peach colored flower pastry but it was so mildly flavored that I'm still not sure if or how it was flavored. Possibly apricot?

This was a darling and elegant cafe and a perfect place to go for a little afternoon outing.


Jessica said...

Ahhhh! Tooo cute!

I'm going to have to give it a try. It sounds amazing.

Lynnea said...

It was really a lot of fun. Very much a breakfast and lunch place since they close at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Cathy Doe said...

Opera just started being open until 9 p.m. Friday evenings...but I so love breakfast here on Saturday.

Lynnea said...

Hi Cathy!

Thanks! 9 pm on fridays, that's good to know since I work saturdays and they aren't open on sundays =)