Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Tokyo Pals

I've realized fairly recently that I never posted photos of the little souvenirs that Matthew and I brought back from our trip to Japan. I know that I have had about 6 months to do a series of cute little souvenir posts like I did after our trip to England but I guess it just hadn't occurred to me until now. We didn't really bring back as many fun, cutie tchotchkes from Japan; it sounds crazy considering that Japan is the land of cute plastic toys(Hello Kitty, San-x, lucky cats) but we can find so much of that for sale in the US as well.

Here are a few photos of my favorite little pals that hitched a ride in our suitcases.

This little octo is from the Tokyo Sealife park. He is very cute and not so useful. But very sweet to look at and soft to squeeze.

Hello! he says. Please don't eat me!

This little turtle is functional as well as cute. See the little hole in the middle of his shell? a stick of incense fits in there perfectly. I use him to hold the wonderful coffee scented incense that a friend sent to me for my birthday. It makes the whole apartment smell like roasting coffee.

I think this turtle wants to go on a little walk. This is the first time I've let him outside to go exploring.

Walkin' along, walkin' along. tum dee dum, dee dum...

Don't hurt your self little turtle, that mossy spot looks slippery and remember that it rained today!

Oh little turtle! you made it safely past the mossy bit only to get stuck in a potted cactus, oh dear! I think I'd better carry you the rest of the way.

Where do you want to go?

A ha! on top of the post, to catch the last rays of sun before it sets. What a nice way to end the day.


Beyond Timid said...

The octopus looks so plush and huggable. :D
And the turdy is a very cute yet clever air freshener. Who would've known? :O
Agreed, Japan is the hub for all cute things.

Lynnea said...

Hello Beyond Timid!
thanks for commenting! Yes the little octopus is very huggable and soft. Really, that is all I do with him although I could hang him from a key chain or my purse.