Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cherry Jelly and colorful fishies

Not much to post recently, though not for lack of trying. I have just found that most of my recently taken food photos look terrible. I partly blame the grey skies which never provide for attractive lighting but also, most of the food I've made comes out looking kinda weird.

These are the only exceptions and even then, this all may be a little bit silly:

So, the two mugs at the top look like they contain liquid in them but it's actually Sour Cherry Jello!! which they call jelly in the UK. I like Jelly better than Jello! It's much cuter. You can see the jelled juice in the photo taken from above. I bought this delicious sour cherry juice from the Russian beverage section at North Park Produce about a month ago and just finally got around to trying it out. It's really yummy.

This darling little jar of crackers just caught my fancy and I had to take a photo. I served these along side a chicken and salami meatball soup that, as Matthew said, mostly contained beans and spinach. I have to admit the meatballs were a little odd as well, a little dusty tasting. hmmm...maybe the cracker crumbs contained dust?

So, I'll try to make more attractive foods in the next month in hopes that I'll be able to post a bit more often.

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