Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blueberry puff

Originally, this Blueberry creature was supposed to be a sour cream blueberry turnover made with puff pastry. Unfortunately, the turnover opened mid baking and created a tart like treat.

Basically, it's just Puff pastry with a bit of filling baked into the center of it. Quite tasty, not much to look at.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I know puff pastry isn't very exotic but I have never used it. Perhaps you can help me come up with a desert for the Farm party using puff pastry when you are up here. Maybe the blackberries will be ripening by then and we can make some blackberry or blueberry or brambleberry tarts.

Lynnea said...

well, puff pastry is good though I actually prefer using it for savory foods but we could certainly can make a yummy treat for the farm party. I'll think upon it during the next week =)