Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This may look like dejavu, but it's just another strawberry pie

Today was long and tiring but fairly productive. We spent a couple hours in line to submit Passport applications and I spent the rest of the day doing chores and making dinner, which consisted of Lamb and Mushroom pie, and Dessert, which consisted of Matthew's family's traditional strawberry pie. The Lamb and Mushroom pie was wonderful, probably the best version that I've made of it, thus far(it changes every time I make it), but the strawberry pie was just so, so. I used a graham cracker crust since I'm not very good at making traditional crusts, and a press-in-crust is ideal for tiny kitchens. That probably wasn't the best plan, but the pie was fairly satisfying, despite it's rather unorthodox crust.

In case you didn't notice, and it would be easy to overlook, I took the strawberry pie photos on the new "posing mat." I hope to use this square of plastic grass as a cheerful background for many of my future photos. It cost all of a dollar fifty and I intend to make it worth every penny.

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