Sunday, June 7, 2009

A wee mushroom forest

Honestly, my idea didn't turn out very well. I thought it would be so cute to make a tiny forest out of the Chocolate biscuit mushrooms that I love to snack on, but it wasn't so cute. A bit silly and strange more than anything. I decided that I'd post it anyway, just because I intended to do so originally. My apologies for the strangeness.

Happy little forest mushrooms

Mushroom munching monster


Little Lone survivor


Ray n Clare said...

I think they're so cute! Did you buy them or make them?
Oh, I LOVE the fabric you sent. I think I'm going to use some of it to make AynJel an apron. She loves to help in the kitchen.

Lynnea said...

oh fun! i've used both the red and the scottie dogs for two different aprons. I think it's so cute to use the scotties for pockets and such =)

I bought the little mushrooms at the japanese grocery store. I'll send you some. yum yum!

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I think the tiny mushroom forest is cute. It would really be cute on a chocolate cake with a few pink fairies dancing around it.

Lynnea said...

=) mother! you can read my mind. I have been thinking that it would be so cute to use the little mushrooms on a fairy cake. Of course, i don't really make cakes anymore. they take forever to eat with just matthew and I so they dry up by the time we finish them.