Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why are some days such a struggle...

...while others are not?

Today I:
squashed grain moths and baby worms that were anxiously waiting to to grow into moths. We found them eating away at the "reindeer food"(really just a sack of wheat berries in a pretty red bag with bells on it)
got into a rather heated argument with some bitchy old british lady when I attempted to defend myself from her verbal abuse. She was horrid people, I tell you absolutely horrid. I would have gladly slapped her but she probably would have squashed me as she was shorter and wider than I.
had to track down the stuck up little blond high schooler who parked her golf cart behind my car, apparently for the evening with no intention of moving it.
unpacked some of the most idiotic christmas merchandise I've ever seen and in the process covered myself with cardboard dust and particles.
listened to the first Christmas album of the year and determined which songs I'll be skipping on that one.

I'm so not looking forward to the Holidays.

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