Friday, November 23, 2007

"ham day"

I hate it when people call thanksgiving "turkey day." Anyways, I didn't have turkey this year(or the last, for that matter) I had ham instead. It's so much better and the leftovers are actually useful. I don't have to find ways to use up ham, it just comes in very handy during the months following thanksgiving. So, we had a sweet little thanksgiving, just me, Matthew and Matt. I had a lovely and elegant meal planned but got tired of cooking half way through the day and the more complex items were dropped. I'll make them another time.

We had a nummy meal of baked ham, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, gorgonzola and roasted beet salad and pumpkin pie. Really, we had more than enough food and now I can make the other items for when we'll really enjoy them with out them having to compete with the main dishes.

Thanksgiving was fun and full of yummy food, but perhaps next year we'll just go out for sushi.

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