Sunday, November 11, 2007

And then other days...

life seems so easy. My life is peaches. Last night we walked out of a mexican food restaurant and some guy sitting on the brick work outside of the next store over asked if we had any leftovers. Well I had my leftover half of a carnitas burrito and so I said, "just half a burrito" and he said, "anything would be great." So I gave it to him. It was really odd. I felt bad giving it to him. He was really young and seemed all there and I felt shame for him because he was willing to eat a stranger's left over food. So bizarre, people!* I did not feel in anyway a good person because I gave him my burrito. I just did it because he asked and was willing to eat it and I didn't really want it but I hate to waste food. This was not a "good deeds trip" on my part, just a really strange experience. Me, being me, worried for the next half hour that perhaps he didn't really want the burrito and threw it away, and that would have been wasteful. That really had me worried =)

I guess some people aren't anti-germ freaks like me =)

* by "people" i mean matthew and rachel since you two are my only readers =) don't you love how I refer to you with such grand generalizations?

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