Monday, November 5, 2007

A busy day off

I fully intended to post earlier in the day but I was way too busy with chores and errands. In fact, I intended to post a number of times over the past week but it just hasn't happened. So, Halloween was lovely, I dressed in my usual pink fairy costume and handed out candy to hundreds of children who came by the store. It was adorable. Lots of cute cute costumes. I must admit though, my favorites are the homemade ones. I really don't like seeing 50 kids, all in identical costumes.

I also had one of the most delightful birthdays. Matthew went way overboard with the presents which was fun for me =) We went out for Chinese food which was always my choice for birthday dinner when I was a youngster so I thought I'd keep the tradition. The next day I went out with a co worker and a former co worker for drinks at the Pink Elephant. So cute, bubbles and little elephants everywhere. I got the pink princess drink which was silly sweet but fun. It was at this point when I realized that my Oregon ID really was no longer valid. I showed the bouncer both my official but one day expired ODL and then my very shoddy looking CDL papers which are all easily forgable photo copies. The guy says "good thing you have that stuff cause I wouldn't let you in with your expired license." What?! what kind of craziness is that? I'll tell you what it is, a terrible reminder that I'm no longer an Oregon citizen. So sad!

Other than that sad bit of realization it's been a lovely birthday weekend. The weather has finally been feeling fall like(as much as it will down here); in celebration I made the most delicious little fall dessert of Bartlett pear crisp with Pumpkin ice cream. It tasted exactly like a bowl of fall. Nummy!

Matthew really went above and beyond with my b-day gifts. I'd seen these Hello Kitty car floor mats a week before and didn't have money for them so he knew I'd like those. But he wasn't sure if I'd like a Sony reader. Of course, as an English major, naturally I'd like a tiny little machine that can store hundreds of books for my reading pleasure. It is fantastically impressive. So tiny, but it holds so much information and works perfectly. I love it.

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