Monday, October 8, 2007

Shop Thoughts

So, for the past two weeks the shop has been fairly calm. Nice and relaxed. So no real crazies to contend with. Basically this is the time during which I get to sit around waiting for customers and listening to the music, if it can be called that. This is when I really start to notice the music and wonder if I would prefer the craziness caused by customers over the craziness caused by listening to Kenny G five times over in a day. Terrible terrible selection at the shop and so last year about this time I brought in some of my music that can slide under the shop appropriate music radar. This was great for the first year, now my three cds that met with approval are starting to wear on me. I realized (the processor came!!! yeah yeah yeah! the poor UPS man had to practically set the dogs on me to keep me from grabbing it from his arm, I tried twice and he shooed me away) that work music can not be personal music. They must be separate. In some situations it would work fine, but not in a place where the only decent music is what I've brought in and I play it over and over again in an attempt to avoid listening to piano musak of popular pop songs and terrible jazz and other such stuff. So now my approach is to just pick the worst of the shop music and play it to watch others suffer as well.

Other shop news. I'm not sure what kind of crazy vibes I'm giving out. I think people can sense certain things about me, such as: I hate wasting bags, I am an overbearing sales person and I love to act as everyone's personal information booth. Okay, only one of the above is correct.

I can't count the number of times people have, before the entire sales transaction is over, asked with some slight rude tones in their voice "can't you put that in a bag?" Usually I say "sure, of course you can have a bag" with notes of surprise in my voice, but occasionally I say "Oh, you want a bag for that? you don't want to walk down the street juggling all of your purchases?" and then I smile to show it's just a funny little joke and they are a complete idiot.

I guess I look like an arm twister, cause most of the time when I greet people who walk into the shop, they say "I'm just browsing" with an attitude that says "I can see it in your eyes, you want to sell me on something and I'm not interested." The thing is, all I ever want to say is "of course you're just browsing, what else is a shop for? That's the whole point of this shop existing is so that you can browse and then suddenly find something you want and buy it."

And I guess as a shop girl I'm supposed to eat at the terrible, overpriced restaurants near by so that I can tell tourists which are the better of a whole mess of evils. Usually I just tell people I don't eat in the area and then recommend some random place. It's very silly.

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