Saturday, October 13, 2007

I might as well post...

since my plan to walk to the ferry/work have been brutally interupted by the rain. I staunchly planned to walk no matter what the weather was like. When I heard rain I still got up; I dressed in my silly little striped stockings and short pants(so i wouldn't have to endure wet pant cuff syndrome, and cause they're friggin adorable). I bundled up so I wouldn't get too wet but about 1/2 a block out I realized that the wind and the much harder-than-expected rain had totally defeated me. I would not make a very good seattlite. But in my little head I tell myself their rain isn't as meanacing and it wasn't this August but I am sure they have storms too. Of course that is the Only kind of rain San Diego gets, storm rain. So I'll catch up on the blog post I was going to do last week among that flurry of blog posts, speaking of storms, that was quite the little rain storm.

So, recently I've seen my fair share of crooks and creepies. Finally! I think I noticed someone shoplifting. I still don't know 100% for sure but I'm fairly sure I saw a rather snooty little girl(about my age) dressed in pointy black shoes and a bell skirt(she looked rather fashionable and well off) steal a pair of beer mug sunglasses. She stole them for her boyfriend! Wicked wicked girl! I think she had an older woman(her aunt?) helping her, wicked wicked woman! She distracted me while this little girl tucked the glasses into her bag but I didn't see her do it, I just noticed that there was one pair of glasses missing but I didn't know if she had set them down somewhere else until I went over to look after she left. I should have smacked her to the ground and made her confess, but I didn't. I'll just speak of her evilness for years to come.

The other crook who stole from the little shop was a crazy man. He bought a small item and when the other girl gave him his change(I didn't ring him up, I came to the register half way through the transaction) he fumbled through the money as though counting it and then claimed that she had given him a $1 instead of a $10. Well, we believed him and thought it was very odd, but promptly forgot the situation, even when he was being frisked and arrested on the tree directly outside the shop door. Yes, we are that stupid =) that naive! We just thought he was creepy. It was only when we were closing up that we realized that the missing $9 from the register meant that he lied to us. Such naive little girls we are.

It has rather shaken my trust in everybody, which I forget that I shouldn't do, trust everybody. I'm a silly silly little girl! easily duped by creepies and crooks at every turn in this evil evil world!

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