Tuesday, August 7, 2012

wee-est canning jars

 I just have to show off the newest addition to my canning jar collection. While browsing the shelves of my local hardware store, I found a whole flat of these teeny little canning jars.

12 jars is really too many to store in my miniature apartment

You can see these 4 oz. jars are even smaller than a half pint, these are quarter pint sized. So, itty bitty!
 In all honesty, I don't have the space to store even a mouse in my tiny house and would have preferred to buy just 1/2 a dozen of them, but since they only come in a box of 12 I figured I should buy the 12 and hope it encourages me to can and then give away tiny jars of jelly. So cute!!

These would be ideal for canning things like hot peppers or relish that would only be used in small quantities. Foods would stay fresher.

These Raspberries are just average sized so you can see just how teeny the jars are when a half a handful fills up the jar.

I love the fact that the lid is almost the same size as the jar. It makes the jars look very top heavy, as though they still need to grow into their lids.


KirkK said...

Those look great for gifts Lynnea.

Lynnea said...

Hey Kirk! it's true =) these tiny jars would make it easy to hand out homemade goodies to people.