Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheery little thank you tarts

 I suppose it goes without saying that I've been just a little bit busy this past month. Like this blog post, these tarts were long over due in the making.

Way back in December, I had, on a whim, purchased a jar of sour cherries from the Jewish Restaurant/Deli in town and then promptly stuffed them into the back of my fridge. (Yes, I know, I'm supposed to stop saving food just because it is too special for every day consuption! I'm working on it!!) Just a couple of weeks ago, on my way to emptying out the refrigerator in anticipation of being gone for a week to Oregon, I found the lost, forlorn little jar looking up at me from the now empty shelves. I gave it a quick promise to make something truly grand with those bright little darlings when I returned from Oregon, and today I managed to keep that promise.

The reason behind making the tarts was not just to use up the cherries that I had been saving, but instead, my primary goal was to make something really cheerful and tasty as a thank you for one of my neighbors. Because of the fact that eating a full sized cherry pie is nearly impossible for a single person, or even for a couple, I made tiny tarts that could be slowly consumed over the course of a few days without getting too soggy(I hope!!).

I baked the tart shells on up turned muffin tins
Please do not mind the appalling state of the undersides of my muffin tins. I firmly believe in allowing my baking ware to get as crusty as possible, if only to save on elbow grease(it surely isn't laziness on my part). After all, I don't want my elbows getting rusty!!  

The little, unfilled cups looked brown and toasty. I wanted to eat one just plain!
I love the rustic edges of these tarts(I have to like them, otherwise I'd be disappointed)

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