Sunday, May 13, 2012

a fancy fish experiment

A few months back, I started making pickles because I wanted to make a recipe that called for lightly pickled veggies and, because I didn't know where to buy them, I simply made my own. My fancy fish experiment started from the same place of need; I needed Gravlaks for a Frittata topped with gravlaks recipe from my new Donna Hay Cookbook and I wasn't really sure where to buy them, so, once again, I took a clue from the Scandinavians and made my own. Fortunately, I have a newly purchased Scandinavian cookbook in my possession which happens to contain a really yummy recipe for Spicy Gravlaks with Aquavit.

On Tuesday, I started the salmon on its little journey of transformation. The curing process was really easy, and because I had all of the ingredients on hand, including my homemade Mockquavit, it came together in a cinch.

Several pinches of anise, caraway and juniper berries crushed together with a frighteningly large quantity of salt and a spoonful of sugar turned the salmon into a highly spiced and delicious treat. Well, don't forget the turning it every twelve hours or so and anxiously hoping it turns out. I think I must have mentioned to Matthew several times a day that I was worried I would end up making us terribly sick, but he kept assuring me that it would be fine. And, of course, he was absolutely right! The gravlaks are as delicious as they are beautiful. It might be more of a special occasion recipe due to the lengthy curing process, but I'm very happy to have succeeded so splendidly at making a very new and unusual, to me, recipe.


KirkK said...

Looks lovely Lynnea. I haven't made gravlax in years....though now you've inspired me. I've always wanted to make miso cured gravlax.

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk, wow! that sounds delicious. =) i'd love to find out how to make miso cured gravlax.