Sunday, April 29, 2012

A San Diego Spring

A few weeks ago, my mother sent me a beautiful mini essay on the beauty of spring in Oregon. It made me miss being back home for the arrival of spring, but it also caused me to look around my own little neighborhood to discover that San Diego has it's own "arrival of spring." It might not be as dramatic a change from winter to spring here in this city with it's pleasant-all-year-round reputation but it's enough to mollify my wish for the usual fresh and vibrant signs of spring.

 A beautiful jumble of daffodils and violas. They are so charming!

Beautiful red flowers in a little circle flower bed. 



Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

We don't have Nasturtiums like that in Southern Oregon. It was the Nasturtiums of San Diego that charmed me most when I visited your fair city during Spring. Thanks for sharing the season's refreshing spots of beauty.

Lynnea said...

Hello Mother! i remembered how enamoured you were with the nasturtiums when you visited and I often remember the beautiful salads that you prepared with the bright and cheerful nasturtiums for garnish. we have the entire canyon full of them but unfortunately i don't pick and eat any of them due to all of the exhaust and pollution in this part of the city.

Christy said...

Amaryllis! I love those! Yeah, spring is subtle here in the land of evergreens, but we have our signs.

Lynnea said...


you are so right. and i have to admit, now that i'm actively looking for those signs, i'm seeing them everywhere! =)