Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crocheted toys

In all honesty, crocheting toys kind of makes me feel like an old lady. I have this slight fear that soon I'll be crocheting toilet paper roll covers and giant ruffly doll dresses. But these toys are so modern and cute that I just can't help myself! 

This baby narwhal might be a little shy, but once he gets to know you, he loves to play.

This little jelly fish likes to float around with a happy smile.

This little black and white puppy is, in fact, a pirate puppy. I made him a little eye patch and Matthew made him a hat. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the hat; it was really very cute.

Pirate dog negotiations usually occur over a red polka dot box, rather than a table. The life of a pirate is one of innovation.

I shan't steal your gold, just your heart.



Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Next, I suppose you will be setting up a crocheted toys table at the Talent Garden Club Holiday craft sale inside the community hall with all the other old ladies.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I love the color you choose for the narwhale and jellyfish. Post a picture of Pirate Puppy in his hat.

Lynnea said...

yes, me and the other old ladies will sell our tiny crocheted treasures. =( I forgot to take a photo of pirate puppy in his hat. the hat was the best!!