Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Fancy Sunday Breakfast

Today, as on many Sunday mornings, Matthew made us a tasty breakfast. Often times our Fancy Sunday breakfasts consist of Omlettes or Egg scrambles that are delicious and perfectly cooked. Today, however, we felt like changing things up a little bit. We had all the ingredients to make very fancy muffin egg sandwiches, and they turned out to be very tasty, but also they were attractive enough to take a couple of photos.

The sandwiches were very easy to make, broil the inner sides of an english muffin. Pile onto the muffin a fried egg, a slice of havarti cheese, a sprinkle of fresh dill and a lightly browned slice of smoked ham.
Very rich and tasty!


5c11 said...

That wasn't the havarti, that was the "cave aged" gouda. Also, I hardly think the eggs I make are perfectly cooked... to paraphrase Gareth Blackstock, my omelettes are known for their durability. :)

Lynnea said...

oh yes! it was the cave aged gouda. yum! and durability, extra tenderness...they all taste delicious to me =) Thank you for cooking them every sunday!

KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - Man, that is one great looking breakfast....I hesitate in calling it a sandwich because that makes it seem too ordinary.

Lynnea said...

Hey Kirk! thanks for the compliment, i'll tell the chef =) I guess matthew picked up a few ideas about sandwich making in England...mainly that they can contain an entire breakfast and then some. I'll post an example of this concept at some point in the future. =)