Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Fall Produce

Like last week, I am posting about produce that I've purchased. These have all been seasonal fruits and so are very interesting to me since I tend to get very excited by Autumnal fruits and veggies, but I do think I should try to post something a little less fruit related very soon. I promise!

While doing my weekly shopping today I came across Pink lemons. I just had to buy them! I couldn't resist such a fun find. So, now I'm stuck with two pink lemons that I want to make something delicious with because they are so special but, as usual, I don't know what exactly qualifies as special enough to justify using the lemons.

The little yellow and striped fruit at the foreground of the picture is a Pink Lemon. It looks like a bumpy, funny colored Lime and is about the size of a lime, rather than the size of a lemon.

My first thought is that I should make a fun and pretty cocktail with them. Since they are pink inside they would make an ordinary looking drink much more attractive(pink being the very best color in all the world). I could also use them to make a lemon tart or lemon cookies, but I do wonder if the color would stay if I baked the juice? So, if you have any suggestions for using the pink lemons before they shrivel up, I'd love to hear them!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Those tiny pink lemons might give you enough juice for two small glasses of "Pink Lemonade."

Lynnea said...

yes, two of the tiniest glasses in the world! How sweet. Maybe I should just go buy some more of them so that I actually have enough to be useful?

Runner Girl said...

Ooo! Pink lemons! Those are very neat. I bet (but don't know) that the color will stay. I only have color leach out when heating/cooking purple vegetables. So I have learned to eat purple things raw. I want purple beans, not green beans!

How about candied lemon slices? http://www.marthastewart.com/346961/candied-lemon-slices


Lynnea said...

Hey Julie!

yes, I have the same problem when cooking purple things, like okinawan sweet potatoes, which I love. they tend to become less brilliantly purple, more dulled when cooked. but still delicious! Thanks for the link to martha stewart! I've really started to trust her website for recipes over the last few years. it has really developed into a useful site!