Saturday, April 13, 2013

Osaka- a surprisingly delightful day

Matthew and I returned to Osaka because we didn't feel that the one evening we spent there was enough to give us a good feel for the city. Turns out, we were right! During the two night and one day we spent there, upon our return, we ate more amazing okonomiyaki, more takoyaki, delicious crepes, incredible local beer and the most elegant and delicious "bar food" (no photo of the pork belly in red ale because we gobbled it up too fast). We also visited the rebuilt Osaka castle which is now a very interesting museum, the Osaka aquarium, and a giant Ferris wheel. All in all, I'd say our day in Osaka was just loads of fun.


KirkK said...

Man, the both of you sure ate well!

Lynnea said...

We did! and it's really really showing =D my pants were feeling tight by the end of the trip, i'd gained so much weight =D but it was lots of good food and lots of fun