Saturday, April 27, 2013

Finishing up Japan pictures- Nara

Well, I guess I kinda got off the blog posting band wagon that I had going for the first half of our visit to Japan, and now that I'm home and life is on it's way back to being normal, I'll finish up posting a few photos from the remainder of our time there.

After our big, fun day in Osaka, we took a quick trip out to beautiful Nara to see the crazy crazy deer they have just roaming the parks and streets. I think these deer must have a keeper because they are all very tame. Of course, they have thousands of people a day feeding them little deer cookies, so that might have something to do with it =)

you can see the hardened look of a back streets cookie thief in his eye

they acted just like goats- it was just a little odd

this little deer was ready to bolt-totally not into petting, only cookies!!!

Taken two seconds before the deer bit Matthew's tummy(yes it was completely hilarious)

Taken two seconds after the deer bit Matthew's tummy


KirkK said...

Love the look on both the deer and Matthew's face in the last photo. They both seem to be saying "WTF"....

Lynnea said...

right?!! =D